Sunday, March 2, 2014

I wanted to give a warm thank-you to all the people who financially helped us with donations and to the people who helped us with their sincere good intentions. Even though we were able to get Max the surgery it was not successful. Our dear beautiful pit-bull basically survived as long as he did because of his strong will to survive and our energetic massages that he received daily several times a day from my husband and I. He surprised all his cardiologist for his heart was so deformed that he should have not survived out of the womb. My family and I had 2 years and 4 months with our magnificent doggy. 

We regret to say that our beloved Maxi had a heart attack and has passed. He was at home with us on December 6, 2013 receiving one of his morning massages from my husband when he collapsed in his arms. I was able to hold him when he took his last breath. I apologize to any of my readers that I could not get myself to write this any sooner. It was just too difficult actually it still is but we want to give our sincerest thank-yous and let you know that this blog will be closing soon.

He did not suffer. Thank goodness he left quick. It was not drawn out. Although we miss our doggy tremendously I am grateful he does not have to endure anymore chest taps where the cardiologist had to drain his chest every week so he could breath and he doesn't need to take anymore medications. If any of you know about the luminous body, plasma body or astro body- this is something my husband and I are masters in. We know our Maximillion is doing really well because he comes in his luminous body frequently to visit and he lets us know how happy he is. In too short of visits we can see him and feel his solidity but it is very reassuring.

There will be no other like our Master of Cute Fu. He truly was unique. He was an old soul that picked up our thoughts and always responded accordingly. He never acted sick or showed any displeasure no matter how difficult his circumstances were. He was resilient, affectionate, playful and a tenacious, fearless protector. We will eventually be reunited.

Thank-you all again.
I send my heartfelt best wishes to you all.
Joyce Aleem Bobadilla